Rosatis Pizza - Insulted me in arabic when I complained about the undercooked food.

Chicago, Illinois 1 comment
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We used to eat at Rosati's in Algonquin, Illinois two times weekly.But never again, And I warn all to avoid them!

they act like racist arabs when you let them know they made a mistake!

Bad Business, Local friends have had similar problems with them but still eat there.

Owner Andy Patel I think his real name is: (Anwarli Patel) from India or Pakstan, Called me a liar when I let him know that the sausage was undercooked and got some of my family a little ill that night.As I left he angerly said: Khara beek Sharmoota.

Review about: Pizza Xl.



Haha he called you a piece a sh1t and a wh0re. Have a great day!

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